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Need: Script to traverse folders + allow file renaming

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  • Need: Script to traverse folders + allow file renaming

    Suppose I wanted to do in a script the functional equivalent of File > Automate > Batch...

    a. Source: Use all subfolders
    b. Destination: Save and close

    c. engage the File Renaming option to change the processed file name

    You can do a) and b) within Batch, but not c), too.

    - - - - - - - -

    In real ugly pseudocode, something like...

    - - - - - - - -

    Top_level_folder = "\My Documents"

    Open Top_level_folder;
    Number_of_files_read = 0;

    Do until all files processed;

    Open file (traverse multiple, nested folders; read all files taking into consideration some folders may be empty)

    Number_of_files_read = Number_of_files_read + 1

    \\Do something to the file [I can do this via called action]

    New_filename = original_filename + "-" + Number_of_files_read + "-thumbnail"

    Save as New_filename
    * in the folder from which the file was read
    * file format = .jpg
    * compression=10
    * If duplicate, save over the top of it.

    Close file

    End do;

    = = = = = = = = =

    Don't need a GUI or input dialog to specify high level folder. Ditto for new file name constants. I can tweek the .js code to do that.

    PS7 preferred.

    CS optional since I'll be a CS2 user someday.

    Any takers?


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    Hey Danny,

    I'm pretty sure what you want is described in the last chapter of Fraser's ACR w/ CS2. That is if I came close to following your "pseudocode".


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      Hi, Robert:

      That gives me a reason to check out the new edition. Thanks for the tip.



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