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Akvis Chameleon question


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  • Akvis Chameleon question

    Hello - I need to blend my photograph more than Akvis
    be honest I can't get it to blend nearly as much as their gallery.
    At 25%, blend and chameleon effect are almost alike. I bought the
    software because of their example of the the girl in autumn and her
    face blended into the sky....but...., do I need
    to adjust my photo different? Thanks in advance

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    Re: Akvis Chameleon question

    To provide advice for your specific situation would it be possible for you to attach/upload the image(s) you are asking about? That would help a lot.


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      Re: Akvis Chameleon question

      Yes, please post your source images and result.

      Here is what I created the first time I tried Chameleon, using my own photos.
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        Re: Akvis Chameleon question


        Yes, please post your images. This would be helpful.