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  • Errata?

    On page 75 the text states,

    Brush options can be set only when using the Brush tool. To get the brush tool you want, choose the Brush tool, set the options (by clicking More Options on the Options bar), and then save the brush by clicking on the brush preview and choosing New Brush from the pop-up menu. After the brush is saved, you can use it with the other tools.
    When I select the brush, I don't see "More Options" on the Options bar. I can set "All Layers", "Aligned", "Normal Mode", and "100 percent opacity", but I can't set a "soft brush 85-95 percent hard" and "brush spacing set to 1 percent".

    Am I doing something wrong, or is the text referring to something different? I am using PE 3.0.

    I look forward to your comments.

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    I noticed that the healing brush has a fuller suite of properties. So I suspect that the properties for the Brush refer to an earlier version or to full blown Photoshop. In any event, no big deal.


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      You are not choosing the Brush tool--whatever you are using sounds like another brush oriented tool, perhaps the clone stamp? To choose the Brush press B on your keyboard (when you have anything BUT the type tool active). You will see the More Options 'option' on the right of the bar. if not, please take a screen shot and post it here.


      PS -- I am NOT referring to Photoshop. This has to do with Elements 3.


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        Hi Richard,

        I am sorry. You are absolutely correct. I am not sure what I had done incorrectly before.

        Best regards,