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    How do I create a continuous connected set of lines where the lines connect each other into an open polygon .. i.e. a poly line?

    In general, I'd like to make a complicated segmented line and I don't see how I can do that with PE or HP hints & tips.

    --Wait: maybe this is a better question: Can I make polygon and reposition each node independently of each other? If so, I could just make a 10-gon and place all the lines where I want, and erase the closing line.

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    What I would do is use the polygon lasso and make your polygon. Next, convert the polygon to a shape with the convert selection to shape tool. use a high tolerance rather than a low to get nice sharp corners. If necessary, you can make the polygon broad and then thin it by re-sizing.



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      Hi Richard, good to meet you .. love the book.

      Its possible I asked a question a bit prematurely: I'm reading both HP and a more basic book (Visual Quick Guide) on Elements and am not through either yet.

      Here's what I was hoping to do: use some sort of tool like a shape or selection polygon tool, and coerce the results into a line rather than an area. I've since had success using the pencil tool: click at start, hold shift and click again at end, then repeat: creates what I was calling a poly-line, a connected series of straight lines. Doing this on its own layer yields the results I was looking for.

      I tried the poly-selection -> shape idea but it creates an area, not a line. I played with boarders and that sort of thing, and it shows promise.

      One problem: when using shapes, I get anti-aliasing .. which I don't want for my lines. With selections I can turn anti-aliasing off but I don't seem to be able to do so for shapes: they always "fill" with anti-aliasing on.

      Anyway, thank you for the help!



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        There is a line shape tool. This will probably suit your needs.


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          Use the polygon tool to create your shape and with the resulting selection Use Edit->Stroke to stroke the shape.

          Use a transparent layer.


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