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Problem in CMYK separation procedure pps 143-144

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  • Problem in CMYK separation procedure pps 143-144

    I have HPPE2 and Photoshop Elements 2.0 on Windows XP. I need to create a CMYK EPS file to send to a magazine. I am following the procedure on pages 143 and 144. In step 6 it says, "Open the corresponding template file (for example, for the Cyan plate, open [template].c)." When I tried that, Photoshop said the file was of unknown type. I renamed the file to CMYK_DCS_Template_C.eps and was able to finish the procedure. I did the same for magenta, yellow, and black.

    In step 13 it says "do not rename the component files. Renaming the files will cause the image to fail." I had to rename them in order to open them. So will it work if I rename them back to their original names? Or is the file name somehow hard-coded in the component files?

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    I believe you can test this out by trying to open the DCS file after saving the components, or by placing it in a layout program and trying to print to a postscript printer. On a mac completing the procedure is not a problem. On a PC (which i am sure my technical editor tested), I am pretty sure you can complete the process as is--regardless of the extension. You will absolutely need to at least change the name back...The file names are referenced from the DCS file.

    can you let me know how this works out? If you still can't get it done, I will do some more looking into it...I mostly work on mac at home and might have trouble getting to a place where I can run Elements 2 on PC.


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