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  • Uninstall

    How do I uninstall HPPE2?

    I just decided its more than I need.

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    there are instructions for uninstalling in the installation instructions. You need to replace the index.html file that you renamed.

    If you did not do that it will actually be easier to replace the Recipes and Welcome folders in the HTMLPalettes folder in Elements.

    1. Rename the welcome and recipes folders currently in elements to xWelcome and xRecipes.

    2. Do a custom installation of Elements to a folder on your desktop.

    3. Locate the Welcome and recipes folders in the desktop installation.

    4. copy the folders to where the Elements program folders you renamed in step 1 are.

    5. Test to see that everything is back to normal by restarting Elements.

    6. throw out the xWelcome and xRecipes folders.

    A third option is just to leave the stuff there.


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