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  • Separating Luminosity tutorial

    On page 50 Point 6. mentions Composite Layer. Where does this come from? It is not in the instruction so far listed. Are there amended instructions?

    Can anyone please advise?

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    Athegn, welcome to RP! Unfortunately I do not have the material that you are referring to. However, the composite layer usually refers to a single flattened version of your image. If you took a History Snapshot of the point you are at in your workflow, then that would be a composite view of the image. The other method often used is to add a blank layer, hold the Alt key down and select Layer>Merge Visible, whose shortcut is Crtl+Alt+Shift+E.
    Not sure is that helps.
    Regards, Murray


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      Thank you.

      I was trying to create these layers manually, as per the book, but of course I can use a power tool to achieve the same result.

      It looks like the power tool does something like you suggest but it goes too quick for me to visually analyse.

      I will have to experiement.


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        Originally posted by athegn
        On page 50 Point 6. mentions Composite Layer. Where does this come from? It is not in the instruction so far listed. Are there amended instructions?

        Can anyone please advise?
        page 50, point 4 should end " .... Name the layer Composite and click ok."

        You'll note the book has numerous typos that on occasion will slow you down.


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          Gee TMR, thanks for the vote of confidence.

          While the book, like any book, has unavoidable typos (with 4-5 editors attacking the step-by-steps it is unavoidable, because some of what is sensible in Elements, isn't sensible in English), I have Errata posted on the website for every error I know about. I believe the existance of Errata is mentioned at the beginning of the book. This one is covered.

          Please have a look:


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            My comment wasn't a complaint ...

            Just a statement of fact. I suspect some readers will at times have problems, as I did, working through the examples due to the typos. Maybe not big problems, but the typos seemed a bit more numerous than I would have expected.

            The errata are helpful and it is great that you provide it. However, either folks haven't been providing a lot of typos or you've decided they're not significant enough to included on the list (as in the one I noted in an email to you where the split luminosity tool doesn't change the luminosity layer's blending mode to luminosity).

            Here is a sampling of other possible typos I've noted (some may not actually be typos since I may have misunderstood the intent of the section):

            1) page 90, Figure 3.13, the figures match the body text which discusses shifting the curve upward and downward to lighten (left curve dialog) and darken (right curve dialog) the image. However, the figure text implies the left hand dialog shows darkening and that the right hand figure is in % mode while it is actually in levels. I think the figure text should more appropriately be "When the curve is displayed in levels of gray (rather than percentages), increasing the volume under the curve lightens the image (left) while decreasing the volume under the curve darkens the image (right). This relationship reverses when the curve displays percentages.

            2) page 107, step #2 should reference Figure 3.32 instead of Figure 3.33.

            3) page 107, step #4, the duplicated mask layers are actually created below the Color Fill 3 layer, not at the top of the stack. For this step to work as written, step 3 must include a note to select the Color Fill 3 layer. This is probably an omission in the RGB separation which ends with the Red layer selected.

            4) page 108, the Figure 3.33 doesn't match the text. I believe the layer Mask should actually be labeled Blue Mask and the layer Blue Copy should actually be labeled Blue Highlight/Shadow.

            5) page 125, step #1, my measurement of the 75% gray level was 55, 91, 78; not 43, 91, 78 as noted.

            This may be the extent of the additional typos (other than those noted on the errata). I don't know though. I got tired of highlighting the typos after this.


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