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Announcing: Elements Newsletter, Tools, Book and Classes

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  • Announcing: Elements Newsletter, Tools, Book and Classes

    For April Hidden Power is releasing a new Hidden Power Elements newsletter (Volume 15), a new 100 tool Power Tools set (for Mac and PC), a new Hidden Power book for Elements 4 (also Mac and PC), and a new 8-week internet class on the Elements Workflow. See more on each of these below...

    *** Newsletter
    The Hidden Power Newsletter is a free newsletter for anyone that wants to visit the website--you can subscribe for free as well. The current issue covers topics ranging from Curves for Elements 4, to Buying an Image Editing Computer, Buying a digital Camera, working with color management, working in 16-bit, and much more!

    Find a link to it, and a means of subscribing here:

    *** Tools
    A new Hidden Power toolset has been released for Elements 4 that has 100 tools for Elements users. These tools include: Curves, Color Balance, Guides, Channel Mixer, Noise Reduction, RGB Channels, CMYK Channels, Luminosity and Color Separation, Snapshots, Vertical/Horizontal Alignment, Blend Mask, Highlight/Shadow mask, Custom Paths, True Duotones and more.

    You get the tools with the book, or you can purchase them separately for just $14.99:

    *** Book
    The new Hidden Power book for Elements has been re-worked from beginning to end to add about 150 pages of new material, and focus exclusively on advanced image editing techniques for Elements users. The book includes a CD that has the 100 tools from the Hidden Power set that can save you 100 steps at a click. The book organization has been overhauled to reflect the elements workflow so you can follow along to take an image from RAW to finished. The book is longer, contains more tools, and the price has dropped more than $10. Get it for only $19.99 on amazon:

    Get the book on

    *** Class
    A new Hidden Power class on The Photoshop Elements Workflow is offered from I (Richard Lynch) will be teaching the class. Participants will get individual attention. The class is designed to help users learn the whole process of working with images from camera to print in 8 weeks. The course includes looking at calibration, color management, color correction, damage correction, composition, purposing, getting a great image, and, finally, adopting a process that will help you determine workflow and get the best results every time. Seating for the class is very limited (only 27 seats left). sign up here:

    If you have any questions, please contact me:
    Richard Lynch
    [email protected]

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  • Don26812
    Hidden Power for Elements 5.0?
    by Don26812

    I have the book and the tools for Photoshop Elements 4. I now have upgraded to Version 5. Will the tools work with PSE 5? On the surface it appears that they do not, since there does not seem to be a Previews sub folder.

    If they don't, will there be a revised set...
    10-19-2006, 09:12 AM
  • Richard_Lynch
    Hidden Power Tools (without the book)
    by Richard_Lynch
    You can now upgrade from elements 2 to elements 3 tools by purchasing the tools only from the website.

    Please visit:
    07-27-2005, 06:48 PM
  • rolandhh
    The Hidden Power of PSE 5 book
    by rolandhh
    Hi everyone.
    I'm also waiting for the book for PSE 5 to be published.
    I still haven't read all of the PSE 4 book though.
    I have managed to make the tools for the PSE 4 book run with PSE 5 without any difficulties. The thumbnails for the tools are missing in PSE 5, but I can live...
    05-22-2007, 03:42 PM
  • rolandhh
    Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?
    by rolandhh
    Hi there!
    The Hidden Power book for PSE 5 was at first scheduled for release in dec 2006, then in january 2007. The book is still not published. It seems that the author, Richard Lynch, is occupied with other projects, that are probably of greater importance.
    Meanwhile the time is running....
    08-10-2007, 02:21 PM
  • bmw2000csi
    PE7 with Hidden Power of PE4?
    by bmw2000csi
    I am new to Photoshop Elements and have purchased version 7.

    In a website I came across references to Richard Lynch and the Hidden Power series. In order to understand more about PE I have purchased and am reading the book for Elements 4. This was the latest version I could find....
    03-10-2010, 10:35 AM