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Curves on a colour channel?

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  • Curves on a colour channel?

    Hi, this may be in the book but I could not see it.
    I want to apply a curve adjustment to the blue (in this case) channel after doing a Split RGB with preview. Do I apply this to the greyscale layer of the blue seperation or the solid blue 'mask' layer that sits above the greyscale layer.
    As far as I can tell you need to apply it to the solid blue 'mask' layer but am I correct with this.
    Any advise welcome.
    Peter Cook

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    there is no blue 'mask' layer if you are working with my tools -- or there shouldn't be. You should apply the correction below the Blue color layer and above the Blue Component layer.



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      Sorry, that is my terminology or lack of experience! I was not sure what to call the solid blue layer so I ended up calling it a mask.

      By component layer, you mean the greyscale blue "Channel" layer ? (I hope channel is correct terminology)

      Thanks for the reply though, I think I understand now.


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        I try to consistently use the term 'component' rather than channel, as channels are something users have in Photoshop and on some functions in Elements (e.g., Levels). In essence they are the same thing, but they are represented in different ways. The grayscale component is really a channel. The color layer is a means of filtering the component so it appears in the right color.

        Do you have the book? It does go through the breakdown and ideas behind color and tone.


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          Yes I have, had it some time and it is excellent. It does take me some time to start to understand all of the concepts though, but I am getting there by trial, error and practice.


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            Practice is good...don't be shy in re-reading. The book is particularly dense, and can be read on several levels. Don't feel bad not to get it all the first time...i still learn every day -- sometimes even from my own writings and techniques!