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HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

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  • HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

    I've bought and downloaded HPPE2 for Mac on But after unzipping the downloaded package I ended up with one single unusable file (no Readme etc.). It is an executable Unix file, but nothing happend on doubleclicking.
    "Get Info" stated that this file can't be opend by any application.
    What did I wrong? Anyone here who can help me? Would be very nice.

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    Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

    what version of osx?

    This may sound really strange, but try creating a new folder in the unzipped file


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      Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

      The problem is likely whatever you are using to unzip. Try ZipIt ( can use this as a one-time demo without registering. There is EXTENSIVE troubleshooting information on the website and this is covered there.


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        Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

        Hi Richard,
        I've tried to use ZipIt. Well, this time I've ended up with a file that wants to be opened by Microsoft Excel. Please give me a hint. What should the unzipped file look like. Should it be an installer, a text file or what?
        By the way, the size of the original file ( is only 60 kb. Is that correct?


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          Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

          The download instructions say you must be using Explorer or Firefox. Did you try to download it with Apple Mail?


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            Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

            Sounds like you have some computer issues. Maybe Swampy knows something I don't here, but I've never opened a ZIPed file and had it want to go into Excel. That sounds like something a PC would do, not a Mac.

            The file size I have here is exactly 60KB. The files are mostly text stored as binary commands, so they don't take up a lot of space unless I inclide a lot of graphics and illustration.

            I just tried to open the file, and, guess what, it opened in excel. The problem is that the installer was made to run in Classic, and really so is Elements 2 (I think OS 10.1 was the last version it was tested with). Can you start up in classic to do thee install?


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              Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

              thanks for the reply. But I'm afraid it won't work. Here is what i did:
              I boot into Mac OS 9.2 on my iBook. Installing MacZipIt (Ver 2.2.2). Extracting "". Everything was fine so far.
              After extracting I've ended up with a file without suffix, simply named: "HPforPE2" (size: 80kb). After doublclcking i've got the message: No application found to open this file. So again: no valid installer!
              So what can we do? Is there no chance to send me the files directly: I mean the ones, that will be installed into the recipes folder of PSE2? Or can't they be intsalled manually?


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                Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

                Your mac will not be different than all other macs, so the process of using the installer will work. Frankly it will take far too long to write up instructions for the manual installation--which is partly why I made the installer in the first place. Later versions are easier to install.

                Please send an email to me ([email protected]) from an account that will not block attachments and I will provide the installer as an attachment. It really shouldn't make a difference, but we can try. That the file is not being recognized as an application seems wrong, as if whatever you are using is not decoding the file completely or you may be mixing up the files (unzipping, but then trying to open an older version). It happens.


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                  Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

                  Now THAT's support! Thanks, Richard.


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                    Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

                    Thanks for your offer. I've sent the e-mail to you one minute ago (Subject: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install (Nick: Pilch)).
                    You my have wonder about the great delays between posts and reposts on this side. That's because I live in Germany.
                    Now I'm waiting for your mail and I hope this one will work. Thanks again.


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                      Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

                      I have sent you a manual option for installation. I would have preferred getting the installer to work. What the exact problem is is that the OSs that you run were not available at the time Elements 2 was released. The installer program works fine in 9.1 classic, which is what people had at the time.

                      Anyway, you should have the manual installer now. Please follow the instructions I enclosed.


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                        Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

                        Hello Richard,
                        EUREKA ... It works. Thanks a lot for the manual installer. Now everything is in the right place.
                        Again, many thanks for your patience.
                        (I've sent this message also cc to your e-mail account. Just to be sure that you will be informed.)


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                          Re: HPPE2 for Mac (Download) Problems w. Install

                          Actually, it is good to keep others informed as well. If I don't finish off a thread with a solution, people might start getting the idea that the tools don't work, don't install, etc.

                          Glad we were able to get it done.


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