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The Hidden Power of PSE 5 book

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  • The Hidden Power of PSE 5 book

    Hi everyone.
    I'm also waiting for the book for PSE 5 to be published.
    I still haven't read all of the PSE 4 book though.
    I have managed to make the tools for the PSE 4 book run with PSE 5 without any difficulties. The thumbnails for the tools are missing in PSE 5, but I can live with that. It's more important for me that the tools are working.
    I still want to upgrade the tools and buy the book for PSE 5 whenever it's released. Hopefully very soon

    Best regards
    Roland Hansen
    Denmark (Europe)

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    Re: The Hidden Power of PSE 5 book

    Hello Roland...

    Welcome to RetouchPRO and congratulations on getting the HPE 4 tools working with 5.

    I believe I read that Richard recently finished the writing and the new edition will be published within a few months.


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      Re: The Hidden Power of PSE 5 book

      There will not be an Elements 5 book from me...I was diverted by a PHOTOSHOP book project. My new book is The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book -- out in July.

      I will be coming out with new tools for Elements 5. Some of the old ones from Elements 4 may work, but certainly not optimally. I'm currently testing two additions: Classic Curves (a more powerful Curves tool bundled with an explanatory chapter), and Magic Mask (Blend If functions for quick, powerful masking options in Elements). Regretfully updating my online courses is getting in the way (see them on Photoshop 101, From Monitor to Print: Photoshop Workflow, and Leveraging Layers). The updates need to be done for one course this week. I'm updating so both Elements and Photoshop users can take the courses (Mac or PC, of course!) for various versions of the programs (Photoshop 7, CS, CS2 and CS3; Photoshop Elements 3, 4, and 5).

      I haven't forgotten Elements 5 users...Just too much to do!


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        Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?
        by rolandhh
        Hi there!
        The Hidden Power book for PSE 5 was at first scheduled for release in dec 2006, then in january 2007. The book is still not published. It seems that the author, Richard Lynch, is occupied with other projects, that are probably of greater importance.
        Meanwhile the time is running....
        08-10-2007, 02:21 PM
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        Does the HPE 4 book will apply to Elements 5.0?
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        I've been using Elements 5.0 for a while now and having discovered this forum I now read that Richard's HPE 5.0 book isn't likely to be published, although is it safe to assume that the 5.0 tools will be released?

        My question is how much of the HPE 4 book would be applicable to Elements...
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        Hidden Elements review issue on
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        I found this comment in the listing for the HPPE3 book:

        "Richard Lynch, the author, states in the Introduction that "One of the most important parts of this book is the collection of Hidden Power tools provided on the CD. *** These Hidden Power tools will enable you...
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        Announcing: Elements Newsletter, Tools, Book and Classes
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        Hidden Power and PSE 3
        by Don26812
        Hello Richard,

        Now that PSE 3 has been officially announced and available shortly, I wonder if you have any idea if the current versions of your free tools and those that come with your book will work with PSE 3.

        If they do not work in their current form, do you have plans...
        09-27-2004, 11:45 AM