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Hidden Power curve presets

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  • Hidden Power curve presets

    I'm having trouble using the presets- know I'm getting old but could someone lead me step by steop through this. Currently the presets reside on my desktop next to the dock. Appreciate any help.
    john sr

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    Re: Hidden Power curve presets

    Maybe have a look at this thread:
    and tell us if that helps...



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      Re: Hidden Power curve presets

      Thanks. I just tried it. With the images tiled, I activated the curve image, drug the mask shadows layer to the horsehead image which gave me a layer showing the curve on a transparent background, when merged with the horsehead,the resulting layer has the horsehead image with the curve on it. Double clicking the blend mask gives you a message saying image is busy. What am I doing wrong?


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        Re: Hidden Power curve presets

        I just tried it...
        With the images tiled, activate the preset psd, make sure you have your layer palette open and big enough to see the various layers in the psd file. You'll see different layers with different settings. Choose the right layer (the title of the layer may not be displayed fully, so wait a few seconds for the complete title to display). Drag the wanted icon from the layer palette to the horse window.
        That should do it.

        Michel B
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          Re: Hidden Power curve presets

          Thanks Michel, I finally got it to work. I don't think I clicked on the preset before I drug it to the other image.