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Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?

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  • Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?

    Hi there!
    The Hidden Power book for PSE 5 was at first scheduled for release in dec 2006, then in january 2007. The book is still not published. It seems that the author, Richard Lynch, is occupied with other projects, that are probably of greater importance.
    Meanwhile the time is running. PSE 3 was released in the fall of 2004, PSE 4 in the fall of 2005 and PSE 5 in the fall of 2006. Wil Adobe release a PSE 6 in the fall of this year? I don't know, but will anybody be interested in a Hidden Power book for PSE 5 if PSE 6 is released? I have my doubts. It could be that the book is almost ready, but only the author knows that.
    It wil be exiting to see what comes first: The hidden Power book for PSE 5 or PSE6.
    greetings Roland Hansen

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    Re: Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?

    Looks like HPPE 4 tools will work with PSE 5...

    Won't they get you by in the mean time?


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      Re: Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?

      Hi there

      It seems that mr. Lynch is pretty tied up by teaching and writing books and if he has a steady job too, he will easily run out of spare time. I suppose he has a family and wishes to spend some time with them too.

      What I really meant with my question was: Why make an effort to write a book (e-book actually) about PSE 5, if Adobe releases a PSE 6 this fall? If the book isn't ready for publication before a possible new version, it will be obsolete.
      The tools for PSE 4 are running satisfactory with PSE 5 on my computer.
      I've even managed to make the thumbnails visible in the Artworks and Effects palette.
      In fact I'm very satisfied with them. They are really a great help.

      kind regards
      Roland Hansen

      PS: You'll have to bear with me if there are any misspellings or incorrect use of language. English is not my native language, but I'm trying to write as well as I can. In my first contribution I used "exiting" in stead of "exciting" sorry.


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        Re: Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?

        Thanks for the message. I came to a late realization that I wouldn't make much of a release for Elements 5 because I got involved with other things (my new Layers book, and courses at I will be releasing an updated tool set for Elements 5 because people are still buying my Elements tool set for Elements 1 (!). I expect sales will go on for years. I will be taking a different approach to any future version of Elements and will be delivering packages that focus on specific functions...I think the day of covering everything in a book is becoming somewhat passee...and a component approach is something I have been considering for a long time.

        There are some differences in Elements 4 and Elements 5, so everything will not function correctly, or optimally, and I am upgrading tools for best practices. I hope to have more time in the next few weeks to get an Elements 5 set out...and I have some great NEW tools (a Magic Mask tool, amongst others) in the works.

        Thanks for the note!


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          Re: Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?


          Good news for many of us, I suppose. It is good to know, because many are waiting for PSE6 and missing the hiddenelements tools for Photoshop Elements... And they don't know the power they are missing by waiting. I could have stated that up to now I have not found a single problem in using the PSE4 tools with PSE5. I don't regret updating to PSE5, but I expect PSE6 not to improve on serious topics reserved to CS3 : blend if, channels, masks, actions or macros, history recording.
          Anyway, I am confident the book for PSE4 is not at all outdated and still is an excellent introduction to workflow and understanding of tone and colour. I really miss more flexible selection or masking tools, but I find myself using the RGB separation and B&W conversion tools very often.
          Thanks, and please keep us informed!

          Michel B
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