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  • Installation problems


    I run elements 4 on a new imac, normal installation, in other words it is in the application folder.

    I just bought the book "Hidden Power of PSE 4" with the CD. I tried an "Easy" installation but unfortunately it did not install anything. I tried then a custom installation - following the instructions. This time it installed the Power tools in the following folder:

    Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0/Previews/Effects/Previews/Effects/Power_

    Unfortunately I don't see the tools in Elements. What am I doing wrong?

    I know that the Effects Cache is deleted because I checked before I opened Elements. My questions:

    1. What could be a reason that the "Easy" installation does not work. It actually says the installation was successful but it does not install anything
    2. Custom seems to install the tools but I can not see them in Elements.

    Thanks for help and advice


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    Re: Installation problems


    I just found the solution to my problem - it seems:

    I moved all the Power_ files into the following folder:

    adobe photoshop elements 4.0/Previews/Effects

    I then deleted then the folder Preview in Effects and I also deleted the original Effects folder where the Power_files were put in during the installation process and suddenly everything appeared in Elements.

    What I still don't know is why "Easy" installation did not work at all.



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      Re: Installation problems

      Sorry for the delay in answering, I have not been getting notifications from the forum.

      Regretfully building an installer that works with every system is not as easy as it should be. Things change in operating systems, people use a variety of 'virus protection' packages, and generally behavior in systems is not all the same. If it were, it'd be easy. the Readme file included with the package should have helped to solve these problems by telling you to shut of virus protection, etc. It also should have mentioned doing a search for files to determine if the installation was indeed a success. there is a fairly extensive troubleshooting page on my website:

      Troubleshooting for Elements 4

      This includes serarate mac and PC installation instructions.

      I'd be glad to hear more about what is going on...I may be catching up with Elements 5 and 6 soon, and I am hoping to make user experience better.


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