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Does the HPE 4 book will apply to Elements 5.0?

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  • Does the HPE 4 book will apply to Elements 5.0?

    I've been using Elements 5.0 for a while now and having discovered this forum I now read that Richard's HPE 5.0 book isn't likely to be published, although is it safe to assume that the 5.0 tools will be released?

    My question is how much of the HPE 4 book would be applicable to Elements 5.0? I have no intention of upgrading to 6.0 anytime soon, and if the 4.0 book applies to Elements 5.0, is there a time frame where we can expect to see the 5.0 tools to be made available?


    - Craig

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    Re: Does the HPE 4 book will apply to Elements 5.0

    I have the book and all three versions: PSE4, PSE5 and PSE6. I think the book applies to all versions, while the tools must be installed in a different way in each version. Richard says some tools won't work in all versions. My answer is that all the tools I have tested and use regularly do work (power separations, power masking, custom black and white and many others).

    Back to the book. It is not a book on what each command does or how to achieve many fancy effects. It teaches you to understand color and tone, analyse an image and use a sound workflow, particularly the use of layers and masking. That is independent of PSE versions. And it explains why you should do this, and why this method works...

    I am now reading and learning Richard's new book about layers. Most of it is really included in the Elements 4 book (except Photoshop specific tools such as blend if or layer groups). That's why, even though the new book is exceptional as a methodical and wonderfully illustrated manual about setting a layer-based workflow, I think you can't go wrong with the PSE4 book.


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      Re: Does the HPE 4 book will apply to Elements 5.0

      Thanks for the backup and saying exactly what I might have. People might not believe me as much as a reader, so I appreciate your efforts, understanding, and input.

      Hidden Power 4 was made with techniques that should span versions. Tools may work but will require adjustment to installation for different versions.

      The Layers book is one I wanted to write for Photoshop AND Elements, but it was feared by the publisher that advertising Elements on the cover would make Photoshop users pooh-pooh the title. I still think they are wrong, and wrote it so that most things can be done with Elements -- and I am open to any questions where elements users have issues with the book:


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