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  • Using Transform Selection Tool

    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. What is the transform selection tool supposed to do? When I try to use it I do the following (PSE6 with PSE6 tools).
    1) Load image
    2) Make a selection
    3) Click on the transform select icon in the Effects menu
    4) Rotate, resize or whatever
    The selection marching ants change to reflect the action performed.
    5) When I click on the tick the selection marching ants stay where they were put.

    Is that it? I kind of thought that the contents of the selection would be transformed rather than the selection itself. Like I said probably a stupid question...

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    Re: Using Transform Selection Tool

    Tony, I don't use PSE, but in Photoshop you make a selection then use transform to rotate, reduce, enlarge etc. When done you type ENTER or RETURN to "set" the transformation. Don't know if it works the same in PSE thought.


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      Re: Using Transform Selection Tool

      after you select Transform selection tool... Right click inside the selection for a popup menu of things you can do


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        Re: Using Transform Selection Tool

        The transform Selection tool is used to transform the selection itself separate from the image area. If you want to transform the image area, use the Transform function that Elements already has (Edit>Transform). The tools I provide add functionality to Elements -- it would be no use duplicating what is already there.


        PS -- Swampy & Olbaldy, the Hidden Power tools are often similar to Photoshop tools except that they are made for Elements, and some of the functionality may be somewhat different (e.g., right-click may not work). It may be tough to accurately answer questions about these tools without being familiar with them.


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          Re: Using Transform Selection Tool

          Thanks for the explanation Richard... I didn't mean to confuse things


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            Re: Using Transform Selection Tool

            no confusion, I think. The threads show up in 'new' searches without categories, so this sort of thing happens pretty frequently. Y'all are trying to help out, and that's the idea of community!


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