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    I'm an After Effects using that wanted to be able to import PSD files with layers and Elements seems to work well (which is good since I can't afford PhotoShop right now).

    However, I see that when working in Elements, I can't pull guides from the rulers, which is something I've grown acustom to in other programs. Are there guides for Elements 7? Do I need the tools that are specified for the earlier versions of Elements?

    Hope this makes sense and sorry if this a NOOB question. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Re: New to Elements 7

    Click on >View >Grid. Is that what you mean?



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      Re: New to Elements 7

      AE and many other applications have moveable guides, usually pulled from the ruler. I see PhotoShop Elements only has guide presets and doesn't seem to allow for the movement of the guides. A grid is usually a visual annoyance, to me.

      Anyway, Ulead Photo Impact has moveable guides and I believe PaintShop does as well.

      Am I missing some setting within Elements or does it simply not have guides that can be dragged onto the workspace?

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        Re: New to Elements 7

        there are no guides. I can make guides appear, but Adobe, in their infinite wisdom, has chosen to make even those uneditable. That is, you roll over a guide and you will not be able to move it once it is in place.

        I could make a routine that creates a guide that would be an image object rather than a non-printing guide, and/or I can make the guides I can do (you have to assign a placement via a dialog) but you won't be able to move them.

        Let me know if you are interested.


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