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    Hello ... I am brand new to this forum. I wish I had learned of it prior to purchasing Photoshop Elements 6 for my mac. I was unaware that such a forum existed.

    I've tried man places to get a read or comparison on the difference between Photoshop Elements 6.0 and CS4. I know enough to realize that there is a big difference in cost and capability, but not sure what the true editing difference is. So ... I took the low cost way first.

    AFTER I purchased (still have not received it), I learned that Elements can not do layers or masks, which disappointed me. But ... I read somewhere where layers and masks can be an option in Elements.

    Forgive me for babbling, but I want to compliment my Canon 5D Mark II pictures with a good post processing software that will give me good picture clarity, color saturation, and sharpness. I'm wondering if Elements will do that?

    I hope that Elements is intuitive so that I can get up to speed quickly. However, there are probably links or tutorials, or books that will help in that regard. Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Hello - Just Registered

    You can do masks in one way or another with Elements. layers definitely -- except for in 16-bit editing.

    My books are pretty good -- though not recently updated. You can likely find them on ebay as well as amazon and even the local bookseller...


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