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  • Adobe Photoshop 5.0

    I recently acquired a copy of the above which came with a digital camera. Is it a variation on Elements or something different? Its marked Limited Edition so perhaps its a stripped down 'taster' version.
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    It's the Elements of it's time Chris. You could get the LE edition for a far reduced price and a far reduced set of tools and such. After 6.0 came out, I never saw Le's mentioned again. Then went right to Elements and Educational Editions.


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      LE is supposed to be Photoshop Limited Edition. Elements was supposed to be its replacement. I haven't seen a copy since version 4, so i won't be a lot of help with it...exactly. I mean, the kind of advice I like to give is the timeless stuff that works with any version of Photoshop...But often the tools have moved, look different, or are somehow changed. As far as that rule goes, a lot of what gets discussed here should apply...but i have never tested my tools in LE.

      LE was given away free with a lot of stuff (for example, there was a time where you could buy a $49 copy of PageMaker and get a license to LE). Elements has pretty much taken over that roll as well, being the free program that comes with some equipment (scanners and digital cameras).

      As far as i am aware, LE is not a current product -- though it may still be being distributed as a freebee. If you contact me directly, we could run a few tests to see just how closely related these programs are and how compatible this forum will be to your needs.


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        Thanks both for the information, I run PS 7 so I'll probably pass this version onto somebody.


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          PS 5.0LE

          Chris, I also have a copy of 5.0Le that I find is as useful, if not more so, then Elements. Being the tightwad I am, (since I do this for fun) the free stuff seems to work just fine and I think it would be a great gift for someone just learning about Photo Editing.


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