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Accessing Hidden Power Actions II from Recipes

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  • Accessing Hidden Power Actions II from Recipes

    I have downloaded and installed Hidden Power Actions II on my PC and it works fine. The only thing is, I run Elements 1 and can't access the Actions tool from the Hidden Power tools -- only the welcome menu. You said in the readme that you could provide this by request. Can I get it?
    Because of the difference in implementation between Elements 1 and Elements 2, making that access was a bit of a Kludge. I'd either have to provide separate installers for PE1 and PE2, like in the book, or provide a simple patch for Elements 1 users. I chose the latter because you can access the tools in both programs with the installer I provided -- and I can keep the situation from becoming a nightmare to manage.

    The following links to a single file that you should download ONLY if you are running Hidden Power tools installed from my book AND you have installed Hidden Power Actions II AND you are running Elements 1. This file can replace the index4.html file in the Elements/Recipes/Hidden Power/hidden_power/ folder once you unzip it. It will work on Mac and PC, and will provide access to Hidden Power Actions II through the Recipes menu.

    index4 replacement patch

    Just download, unzip, and copy to the Elements/Recipes/Hidden Power/hidden_power/ folder


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    The patch is no longer necessary. The newest installer incorporates installing for Elements 1 and 2 on Mac and PC. Get it on the Hidden Power site.


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