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    I have your hidden power tools as well as your newest action installer with the new free tools. Everything is working ok, except I can't find the "text Annotations" tool in either the recipes or welcome file. I probably just don't know how to access it or I am looking right at it and don't know what I am looking at. The last tab " hidden power" has the other five new tools but not "text annotations". Am I just overlooking it? Thanks,
    Casey J

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    Hmm. It should be on the Hidden Power tab on the Welcome menu. I'll have to have a look to make sure I didn't forget to put it there...and I forgot. I'll have to get a replacement file together. If I know me, you can access it usng a custom entry and hp_special.atn,annotation...Thanks for lettingme know...sorry for spacing out!


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      Well a new entry with "hp_special.atn,annotation" did something. I put it in the welcome index as an additional play action and gave it the name of text annotations. There must be an action in the sets because when I click on this new tool I get a new small window with a yellow header and my name at the top. I can put my cursor in the box, but when I type nothing happens. I must need some instructions on how to use the text annotations tool. This tool should be very useful in keeping up with what changes I have made to each photo if I can just get it to work. CaseyJ


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        Distracted with a few other things right now, but hope to get back to this soon. Something happened between creation and implementation...The annotation frame shows up, but you can't enter anything into the annotation! I am working on another solution.

        Along with that: Would it be useful to edit annotations OUTSIDE of Elements? I mean, one solution I can definitely provide is for you to have an unlimited number of pre-defined annotations that can be loaded into an image. I can also allow you to edit and load an FDF into an image (FDF is an annotation data file, in this case). This I can get to work right away...locating the other problem might take a bit more effort because it is squirrelly.

        Let me know -- anyone who has an opinion!


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          Text Annotations

          The ability to edit and then load the text file into the image would be helpful. Although probably not as fast and easy as toggling the text box in and out of the corner of the image as your current tool does. I would prefer myself to wait for you to troubleshoot the current tool and perfect it. Just my 2 cents. CaseyJ


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            Maybe this wasn't clear...

            Once you load the annotations, you'd be able to toggle to show hide, and could delete or replace them as you need to. I'd provide the load prompt and the FDF template that shows how to add text to the annotation.

            Does that make a difference?


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              text annotations

              If I understand you correctly, once loaded into the image the text file would not be editable but would have to be deleted and replaced with a new text file in order to add information or make changes. If true, helpful, but not nearly as useful as a file that can be edited or added to within the image. If I misunderstood please correct me, otherwise I will just be patient and wait for the perfected action. You have done such a fantastic job on the tools and actions I don't know how we can thank you enough. CaseyJ