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  • Compilation of Errata for Your Book

    Greetings Richard -

    Just found this site and this forum. Great that you have a spot that won't get censored. (I wonder if any Adobe employees take the time to read this site??).

    You had mentioned in an earlier email that you were working on an errata sheet for your book. How's that coming, and will it be posted here? Or at the Hidden Powers site? Or both?

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    I don't want to duplicate efforts too much, so it will remain on the site. This is a great place for give and take and immediate answers that a more stagnant HTML page wouldn't handle as well.

    The errata are listed on the site via the Errata link on the Reader page. The direct link is here:

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    I think that covers what has been reported thus far. If you have more, please report them through the form on


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