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Installing actions using the text file

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  • Installing actions using the text file

    I got someone to save this action as a text file. Please explain how I would enter info for this action. There are multiple actions listed. Maybe it will click after this one.

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    Here's the action

    here's the action.
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      Tried various combinations-no go

      I can't get it to work. I have tried to enter it several different ways.


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        thanks for replying but it's for Elements

        I'm trying to get this action thing working in Elements. But thanks for trying to help



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          The problem you are having is two fold. First, I'll put in some background for those who don't know about running actions in Elements.

          To run actions in Elements, you can use an interface I created which allows you to load pre-made action sets, or you can try to insert actions on your own. Get the actions package for Elements and the instructions here:

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          It works on Mac and PC, with Elements 1 and 2, and works with Hidden Power tools from my book.

          The problem here is shown in the action file description:

          Set: FRAME Lisa Neal Offset
          Action: #FRAME - Lisa Neal Offset

          First, the action file has caps and spaces, and then the action has caps spaces, and special characters. One thing Elements does not tolerate is caps, the other is spaces. I would also avoid special characters as I've not gone through and tested them all. Underscores are OK.

          So what is a person to do if they find the action file has caps in the name of the file? You can try renaming the file. The file name is actually also stored in the action, so I am not 100% sure this works, but from a technical standpoint, I am pretty sure it does (we can look into that in more depth if anyone is interested).

          Next you have to change the name of the action. This is a little trickier and I have had limited success with aggressive editing of files when using a hex editor (see: Hex Editors in this thread). However, I would be glad to do conversions if you can't find a Photoshop user (or get temporary access to Photoshop) to change those over for you.

          I have converted the Lisa Neal action. It took making a few adjustments because certain Layer Effects are not available in Elements, and stops which call for the user to continue by clicking the 'play' button are something I have yet to come up with a solution for.

          In any case, the file is attached, and the code for the row in the file should look like this:
          <!-- Action 1: Add action 1 here by replacing 'actionfile' with the action file name and 'actionname' with the name of the action -->
          <a href="playaction(frame_lisa_neal_offset_2.atn,lisa_neal_offset)">

          <!-- Add a description by typing between here: -->Lisa Neal Offset<!-- And here --></a>
          &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<font face="Wingdings, Webdings"><a href="previews/1.html">$</a></font>
          That is, I renamed the file and action to conform to lower case without spaces.

          Let me know if you still have trouble.
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            Kind of difficult

            I guess it's going to be difficult for regular Joe's who are not extremely familiar with this stuff to get an action to work.



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              I don't think it will be so hard. As soon as I have some sets available you'll see. Customizing is an OPTION. I plan to make lots of actions available for download that will come with installers...all you'll have to do is rename and move a folder to install. you get to juggle whatever sets you want.

              The ADVANCED information is for ADVANCED users -- or action set developers. I've said it elsewhere, but if we can get just a few people who understand this stuff we can make a MOUNTAIN of actions available in pre-fabricated sets.

              I just need actions you want to run and where they can be found. if I convert centrally, then I can create a library for everyone to use.


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