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  • password

    I downloaded and tried to install it. It asked for a password. I tried the one in the book, but it didn't work. I don't remember ever setting up a password and don't have it where I normally record them. Where do I sign up for this password? Thanks

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    Password is hpa2


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      Password not working for me

      I've tried hpa2 , and it's not working for me. Anyone else having a problem with the password?


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        Nevermind, password works...

        Nevermind, the password issue was due to my unzipper. I was using the zip utility included with powerdesk. Once I installed winzip and was able to use the password fine.


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          I was just coming over here to post a link to an unzip utility. Here's a free one for PC users: Enzip for PC is a fine solution, and it is free. Find it here:

          For mac, you might try maczip it:

          or Stuffit Expander

          Hope that helps.


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            For the Mac, MacZipit is good - I've had some downloaded zip files that Unstuffit wouldn't open nicely and MacZipit solved the problem
            Susan S.


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              Good to see you here -- getting a little stuffy on the Adobe forum.

              I think later versions of Unstuffit are a bit better at ZIPs, though I've had that same problem. Maczipit is good, too, but not everyone likes to pay for unstuffing software, which you often get free with browsers and services.


              I have had several people tell me the password doesn't work on PC, and my recommendation is to use enzip from the address in my previous response. Not all unzip programs handle passwords the same way. I used Enzip to create the installer, it works, and it is free.

              I like free myself.


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                Win XP Pro works

                Anyone who has Win XP Pro won't have any trouble at all. It's unzip program opened it right up.


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