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OS X Actions Install Trouble

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  • OS X Actions Install Trouble

    There seems to be a problem with installing Hidden Power Actions II on OS X. I believe the trouble is the version of Installer Maker i was using. I believe the problem was something to do with the version of carbonlib. I have replaced the installer for macs. If some people on OS X would test out the new installer and either confirm or deny that it works, that would be helpful.

    let me know. [email protected]

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    Installer is working.


    The new installer works for me. Everything is showing in the Welcome screen and is accessible through actions tab in Recipes. I tried a couple actions and they opened and implemented.



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      Two questions.

      I downloaded PSE for OSX yesterday and then dl'd the free HP tools to try them out. The HP tools are available from Windows>Welcome, but Mark says he gets to them from Recipes - has that changed or am I doing something wrong.

      The may be a problem with my system, but I'm guessing you can throw some light on it any way.

      About a week ago, I was ready to ditch my iBook in favor of a no-name Windows machine. It was slow, stalled 50 times a day, I spent more time re-booting than doing actual work. I got some advice and after cleaning things up and changing a few things, it seemed to be working well. The only difficulty was that I still have PS6 which meant I had to launch Classic whenever I wanted to use it. So.....I decided to give PSE a chance.

      Well, I dl'd PSE yesterday morning and by the time I shut down last night, my poor little iBook was so confused it wouldn't even respond to mouse clicks - got the spinning pizza wheel of death.

      Have you heard of this before? Also, I tried to give PSE more memory, but it won't let me - do you know how to do this or is it even necessary?

      Thanks for any help, Margaret


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        My tools will only be available from the Recipes/HowTo palette if you have my book and already installed the Hidden Power tools from the CD. If you install the power tools AFTER, you will not be able to access the free tools from the other menu. There is a patch available on the hiddenelement website.

        As far as your system, it sounds like you are having far too many other problems to diagnose what is going on from that description. If it were me (and this is just my preference), i'd back everythig up I wanted, and start over. I do that about every 2-3 years essentially by buying a new machine. Again, it is just my preference. The other thing you can do is get another hard-drive and start over that way.

        If you don't want to be so extreme, you might try whittling down on your extensions. It is a little bit of a pain, but I have tried things like starting with the Extensions manager and cutting down to a fresh set by choosing the minimal system setup, and adding back the things I really need.

        There are just hundreds of things that can go wrong, and internet connections, downloads and lack of virus protection and firewall only exacerbate these problems.

        Sometimes when I am over-endulging the system and the little wheel is spinning, I go upstairs, have a shower, eat a meal and return. The bottle neck often clears up, and I can save whatever i was working at and get back to it (after a re-start).

        less is often more: keep your programs focused, and don't just add stuff willy-nilly.

        That isn't a book worth, but I could write one on this I am sure.

        Hope that helps.


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          Thanks for the info Richard. I have been getting rid of stuff and managed to unload about 5 GB of stuff the other day so I can now dump this entire HD to my iMac if need be. I'll be taking it in for a memory upgrad in the next week or so and will have them scrape it clean and start from scratch.

          In the meantime, is there no way to give an application more memory?? When I get info on an app, it looks like I should be able to give it more memory, but the fields won't let me click in them.

          Thanks, Margaret


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            To give an application more memory:

            1. CLOSE THE PROGRAM.
            2. Click ONCE on the program icon to highlight it.
            3. Choose File>Get Info
            4. Choose Memory from the Show drop list
            5. The ranges should be available (if not, take a screen shot and post that screen here)
            6. Change the upper range of the values to the MOST memory you want to allocate.
            7. Change the lower number in the range to the LEAST memory you want to allocate.

            Close the window and restart the application.

            That should do it.


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              Hi Richard - I did that, but even though the numbers look like they should be editable, they are not.

              Did some reading and since OSX allocates memory dynamically, you shouldn't need to give an application more memory. PSE2 will also run in OS9, I'm thinking the memory panel is there for OS9. Native OSX apps don't seem to have a memory panel.

              Oh well, i guess I just have to put in a glut of memory sticks and have this thing re-build.

              thanks any way, I'm going tomorrow to get your book and will stroke the plastic for PSE2 at the same time. PSE2 is doing whatever I want so far and if I run into something I can't do, I still have PS6 as a backup.



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                You'll find a great deal on the book at Amazon on both the book:

                The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2

                And Elements:

                Adobe Photoshop Elements 2


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                  Thanks Richard - even in Canadian funds that is quite a saving. I will go that route.

                  Doug - can Retouch Pro benefit from Amazon purchases??

                  Take care, Margaret