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    i'm confused...but then thats not hard to do. ;-) i'm using pse 2.
    i got Richard's book and installed the tools, they work fine. next i downloaded hp II and installed that...still fine. but the sketch and enhancements actions available in Bud's package were'nt in hp II and i would like to install just those to complete the set. i draged paints_sketches_elements.atn & photo_enhancements_elements.atn to the "Presets\Photoshop Actions" folder but still cant access them...what am i missing? i posted this in the retouch forum at dpreview also so pardon the duplication. thanks.

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    It's not that hard. I've done it so it must be pretty easy - I don't speak html very well! You need to follow the steps in the developer and customization instructions to make action folders in the HTMLPalettes welcome folder. ie duplicate the action template folder, and then edit the index.html file inside to use the names of the actions in Bud's package. I found these by hacking and pasting from the relevant html files that bud's package included. Then call the new action folder action4 or action 5 or whatever and the actions will be callable under the respective tab. Index.html has all the right places to drop the info. in very clearly indicated, although it isn't difficult to get it in slightly the wrong place!

    I'm sure that Richard will have the action templates done for this when he gets the chance.
    susan S.


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      I'm packing them up and should have those and others in a few days. My package was not completely compatible with another package that has been released, and while it isn't my fault, I am sorry for that. In addition, I was having a little problem with downloaded .atn files encoded on PC. There must be an incompatability between certain ZIP programs when transferring between Mac and PC. In any case, I solved my delemma by using yet another unzipping utility (I have far too many of these now to unzip 'standard' encoding). I hope what I am using to encode generally proves compatible!

      So, about 30 more of buds actions on the way. I was also going to be working on the dpreview actions...and then I will try and nudge Al Ward for a few things...He's a sleeping giant. He's been busy with a lot of stuff.

      Even more stuff and people I'm trying to get involved. In a few weeks we should have a bunch of action packs ready to go...

      Make requests from people who are developing free actions for Photoshop to convert to Hidden Power II. If I don't have to do this all myself, I can get on to a few other little tidbits I have brewing.


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        susan- thanks for the guidance....i'll give it a try. i got emaild a zip file from Ling via Bud...i'll look at what she sent me too.

        Richard- thanks for the great book....i cant figure why Adobe is acting this way unless it's the "not invented here"syndrome...or the y feel it will cut sales of full photoshop. i'll bet your a little overwhelemed by the success of your book. i, and i'm sure a lot of other people really appreciate what you've done. i look forward to the new action packages from you. thankyou very much.


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          it works!! thanks for the quick responses! i really appreciate it.


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            Hidden Powers & Bud's Actions

            I am trying to get Bud's paint actions into my Hidden Powers action set 3, like the above post. Still not getting it right. When you re-package some new sets, will Bud's paint actions be included? Or should I keep trying to move them over. I know you have gone over the directions before, but a little slow on this end.


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              Ling, who was working with Bud, made an installer. go to: and down load it. before you install it,go to pse2 and make an archive folder in the html palletes>welcome folder, move the existing action3, 4 and 5 to the new archive folder. run the installer. rename the folders created to action 3, 4 & 5...and you got all buds frames and paint actions. yes youll have 2 copies of buds frames if you downloaded Richards addon set, but so what. this worked for me.


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                I recommend not using both as I have had trouble with that other interface. I asked those involved not to release it and I think it has caused confusion and problems for users. Bud's actions are great, certainly, but there is a world of other material out there. I recommend sticking with the stuff I suggest from Hiddenelements. I'll get everything else out in due time -- and after testing.


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                  kudbegud/Richard: Thanks for the tip. I originally had Lings Welcome screen but deleted it when I bought Richard's book with CD. I was using Elements 1 but upgraded to 2 after reading about Richard's book. Adobe should not be so uptight as I would have not bought the newer version if it were not for Hidden Elements book. thanks again.


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