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    I am trying to get an action to work. It gives me a message that says "the action could not be loaded because file is incompatable with this version of photoshop". Is this another indication that I am doing it wrong or are some files going to say this?


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    I think you are getting that action because you are loading an action that was built with versions before version 6 (that is Photoshop 6). Encoding was different before and that leads to the same error in Elements 1 and 2 as it does in Photoshop 6 and 7. What is says it, you have created the link correctly, but the action is too old to play.

    There is the possibility that something else is causing this, but that's a best guess -- and most likely correct.


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      there is a chance we can make the action'd need to send me the action and I'd try to rework it in photoshop 7....I have version 5 so I should be able to read the action and reproduce it......maybe..



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        In Photoshop, actions are not backward compatible, so a v7 built action can't be loaded into v6 - but you can go forward (say v5 to v6 or later).

        The simple act of opening a v5 atn file and resaving from v6 or later will make the atn unloadable in the earlier version - even if no editing of the action took place. Adobe mark the atn with a bit of code that is version specific, even if the action steps are not.

        Stephen Marsh.


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          Stephen.....I probably didn't make myself clear.

          What I was suggesting is that I would attempt to open the action in PS7..on one of my machines....either mac or pc.....and then attempt to duplicate the action in PS 5......
          This way you would have an action that was native to PS 5....I may even still have my PS 4 version around.

          Not all actions can be duplicated of course...but most can be gotten pretty close to. Depending on the action, it can be relatively easy to see what the original author had done....or can be next to impossible.

          I would of course credit the original author, if he/she is known.....I really don't look for attribution.



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