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  • Monitor Calibration

    Upon writing to Gateway to learn info I needed for calibrating my monitor, I got the following return:

    I see from your message that you wish to
    know the Phosphorus coating and Gamma specifications of the computer.

    Peggy, unfortunately, I cannot provide these details. However to know the specifications and refresh rates of your monitor, please use the weblinks:...

    Do the specifications and refresh rates do me any good at all? Is there any other way to get this information?

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    Peggy, if you have a hardware calibrator/characterizer such as one of the 'spyder' devices, then it will measure everything and give you the best results.

    If you need to enter in phosphor values and such, then this sounds like a visual calibrator such as Adobe Gamma? These are used by many (including myself) but they are not the best option.

    One very good aid to visual calibration is this target/info:

    If you do use Adobe Gamma, then you need a suitable source profile to base the characterization (profiling) process off. If this is not available then use whatever works - visual calibration/profiling is less than an accurate science anway so why quibble. <g> As well as physically calibrating the monitor, you are also producing a profile (unlike the old v4 Knoll Gamma).

    Stephen Marsh.


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      I found out the same way. Asking the companies that make the computer for the "phosphorus" and "x,y", color settings, gamma value for the monitor. The "engineers" know. But the others( don't. At least their honest about it. The computer should have a profile for the monitor in your color settings folder(system folder/color. For win. system, anyway). Use that, to load to the adobe gamma. That profile should have that info. in it. If there is no such profile. See "Stevens" post. The stuff you will be reading is not all that tuff to understand.......Its like driving a car. Once you learned it......It's a piece a cake. You will be breaking all speed limits. O! BTW, matter what calibrating instrument you use. Always, use your eyedropper tool to check your highlight,shadow,and neutrals(when working with images) after its calibrated.



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