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Installing Photoshop Actions in Elements - Success!

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  • Installing Photoshop Actions in Elements - Success!

    I mentioned in another thread in this forum, that I have the Mac version of the PS6 Demo. I have now successfully used this to create a couple of simple actions of my own (merely for scientific experiment - no-one but myself would love them - and they have to be fairly simple as the demo only has a limited set of the filters available), save them and then create an action set that will allow them to run in Elements. I have also modified (successfully) a couple of photoshop actions created by others to run - these only needed the capitalisation of the names to be changed.

    I don' t know whether the Windows demo works in the same way. The PS7 demo is time limited rather than (image) save disabled but of course would allow a months worth of action writing and style creation!

    This also suggests that it would be Really Helpful if people when writing photoshop actions would have a thought to potential use by their poor relations using elements - giving actions names that avoid capitalisation, spaces and funny symbols and maybe in an included read-me file in the zip an indication of the action name, would go an awful long way to helping us.
    Susan S.

    Susan S.

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    Sounds great Susan!

    Please contact me offlist. You have a way of hiding your email!

    [email protected]