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    I am trying to create a feature I can use in Elements 1 that I have in PSP. It is to be able to print out several different photos in varying sizes on one sheet at one printing. I created a ¼ grid on an 8x10 canvas. I then tried to copy a 4x6 photo and paste it on the grid. It pasted about a 2x2½ portion of the 4x6 photo onto the grid, covering the whole thing. I hope this makes sense. In other words, I had only a portion of my photo, now in 8x10 size. When I tried to move it and resize it with the handles, the square with the handles went to the upper right corner of the photo and I had to guess where it would place the photo by moving it a little and waiting to see where it jumped. The move lines didn't stay at the edge of the photo.

    If this makes any sense at all, can you give me any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

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    I don't know about Elements 1, but in Elements 2 you can go to File > Print Layouts > Picture Package and do what I think you're asking to do. You can specify one file, one folder of files, or individual files scattered all over your hd as the individual sources, and print them on one sheet (or many sheets) of paper.
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      Doug is right, you use Picture Package. You can make custom layouts by adjusting the package files.

      You can duplicate existing packages and adjust the content in a text editor (wordpad or something). They look like this when you open them:

      I 8.5 11
      7 shots
      0.25 0.25 4 5
      0.25 5.5 4 5
      4.25 0.25 4 5
      4.25 5.5 2 2.5
      4.25 8.25 2 2.5
      6.25 5.5 2 2.5
      6.25 8.25 2 2.5

      This layout will place 7 images on a 8.5x11 sheet, 3 4x5 and 4 2x2.5.

      You need to adjust coordinates to make it work for other sheets. There are instructions included with Elements. I found them a little awkward so rewrote them. Find the book here:

      If you let me know the layout, I can help you translate that into a package.


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        Picture Package

        I didn't know I even had Picture Package. Will look into it and see what I can do and if I can't figure it out will definitely get back to you.

        Is there something in Hidden Powers that makes it easier, or did you mean another book. I have Hidden Powers and just wish I had more hours in the day to work on it. I am learning quite a lot from it and haven't gotten very far yet. Keep going back to be sure I understand what I think I know.


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          There are instructions in Hidden Power...I probably could have made it easier by creating a word macro or something, but it starts getting a little too technical for many users at that point so I avoided such things. I found the Adobe instructions a little difficult myself, so I redid them in hopes of being clearer.

          I am glad you are "going back". Realize I've been working for quite a few years in digital imaging, and I went over those materials pretty quickly, giving just enough so the book would move along yet hopefully anyone could follow (if not grasp 100% the first time). Newer users -- and even some people new to the techniques discussed -- SHOULD repeat exercises, both with the supplied images, and with their own.

          Don't hesitate to ask questions here in the forum, I like to hear people chime in and discuss ideas and directions that might not have been covered in the book specifically.


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            Richard, I, too, am immersing myself in your book again after a bit of a layoff, and I'm finding that this time I'm not only able to do the techniques but also am gaining an understanding of the "why" part. That understanding is really important in being able to decide how to apply the tools and techniques to a variety of images. Still have a long way to go, but the journey is enjoyable - thanks for the great book!



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              Good for you. I thought you must have had a little trouble with it somewhere along the line. Glad you have the time and interest to get back to it. If you have questions, feel free to ask away! sounds like you are better ready for it this time.


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                The "Why" part

                Does anyone know of a book or web site that will help me better understand the "Why?" of what needs to be done? I may be rushing ahead too fast, but I have a photo with the same problem as the vince.psd file in the book. I don't seem to be able to get even close to the results on the blue channel as in the book. I'm thinking that if I understand channels better, I might better understand what I need to do.


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                  When you say you can't get close...I am not clear on what steps you are taking to try and achieve the result. If you have read the book, and you have installed the tools, all you have to do is separate color and luminosity, and then blur the color layer.

                  If that doesn't make sense, you need to look back at the vince.psd example. Run through the exercise with that image to get the result, and then try your image. It should work with exactly the same steps (and with exactly the same tools).


                  PS -- "rushing" is not recommended if you want to understand the "why". It is best to go through the book from the beginning so you build on your understanding. While you *can* jump around, your level of success will probably depend on your level of experience. with that in mind, what 'why' don't you understand? I can either point out the area in the book to look at, or explain here.
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