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Creating a DCS file for CMYK in Elements

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  • Creating a DCS file for CMYK in Elements

    Jefskott Wrote:

    <<I can't open the templates or the EPS file from the Chapter Files:\DCS\CMYK folder on the CD with Photoshop Elements.

    When I say I can't open the files, I mean Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 will not allow me to open the files. It sees them as invalid files, with the exception of the EPS file which it sees as simply a format it doesn't support.

    Step-by-step, I moved the requisite files from the CMYK folder on the CD to my working directory. Then, I attempted to open one of the plate templates as mentioned in Step 6 on page 143 of the book. I get the following message:

    "Could not open...'CMYK_DCS_Template.M' because it is not the right kind of document."

    The EPS message is slightly different "Could not open... 'CMYK_DCS_Template.eps' because Photoshop Elements does not support this type of EPS file."

    I hope that's clear enough. I'm a power user and don't get phased by much, but this is not working as explained in the book. Did you perhaps do software testing on the Mac and not on the PC? Has this set of files been tested on a PC version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2? >>


    You are right...there is a little problem on the PC using the Hidden Power solution to creating a DCS file, but one that is easy enough to solve. The problem is that a PC looks at files a little differently and I developed the procedure on the mac. You aren't supposed to change the name of the file, and, well, PCs don't recognize a '.C' file as an image file -- where a Mac won't care.

    There is a work-around that I probably should have had in the book. Goes like this:

    1. Copy the template files as described in the book.
    2. Rename the .EPS file to x[filename].EPS
    3. Rename the .C file to [filename].eps
    4. Open [filename].eps in Elements by choosing it via OPEN
    5. Make changes as per instructions.
    6. Save.
    7. RENAME THE FILE to .C
    8. Repeat 3 to 7 for .M
    9. Repeat 3 to 7 for .Y
    10. Repeat 3 to 7 for .K
    11. Rename x[filename].EPS to [filename].EPS

    This allows you to open and close the file parts with the original template name, and that will keep it functioning as a DCS. DO NOT try to open that DCS in Elements. You can place it in a layout program and print...You can preview using PDF files.

    I hope that clarifies and sorry for the confusion. I admit I wrote it on a Mac...but I use PCs every day. Even so, the way you have to juggle the names isn't obvious, so I apologize. I think my fine tech editor (none other than Doug Nelson) pointed this out during the editing of the book, but I didn't get in the correction.

    Let me know how it turns out!

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