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Uninstalling HPA2 ?

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  • Uninstalling HPA2 ?

    I know it must be here somewhere ... and, honest, I've looked. Can someone point me to an FAQ or thread which discusses uninstalling HPA2?

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    Why do you want to uninstall this? Is there a problem with it?


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      <<Can someone point me to an FAQ or thread which discusses uninstalling HPA2?>>

      Guess this is it. It could be that a lot of people aren't interested in uninstalling :-). Part of the reason for using the Welcome menu for the Actions is because it is underutilized. I was hoping it wouldn't cause any trouble.

      Actually I have not made an uninstaller, as it didn't seem necessary. It would be simple, really, to uninstall, but I am also curious as to the purpose -- if you wouldn't mind. The Welcome menu really contains nothing that you don't already have on the File menu -- and if you'd like, I can install those same commands in the actions interface. The HPAII files add nothing to the load time and don't bog down performance -- in fact, the interface is quite a bit quicker than Adobe's, which is bogged down a little by graphic content. A complete list of files installed by HPAII is included in the advanced.rtf readme. You'll find the total volume of the files in KB is actually minimal.

      One solution would be to replace the Welcome index.html file with the original. This can be done by copying it from a false installation. For example, install Elements from the CD onto the harddrive into a folder called "Throw this out" and then open the Elements folder, copy the index.html from the Welcome folder and paste it into the Welcome folder in the Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop Elements/HTMLPalettes/Welcome folder. When you are done, throw out the "Throw this out" folder.

      I didn't supply the latter index.html file and am rather afraid to as I am not able to legally distribute Adobe materials separately -- and as minor as it is, this could be considered a copyright infringement. I'm not interested in any legal fracas with a software giant.

      I'm hoping that helps, or at least explains the potential trouble. Let me know about whys, and I'll come up with an appropriate solution. Better yet, what can I add to make keeping it worth your while ;-) ?


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        Thanx for Quick Reply ...

        Richard ...
        I'm not having a problem with HPA2 ... just find I don't use the features a great deal. As an obsessive-anal-retentive, I just wanted to know if it could be uninstalled. I was also looking for ways to uninstall all the other additions I've made, and maybe a clean reinstall of PSE2 is the quickest, simplest answer. Thanks.
        ... Cal


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          Keep in mind that Actions are essentially an infinite add-on. You can always add more functionality and processes by adding more actions as they become available.

          However, if you've got a bunch of stuff and are looking to thin it out quickly, a reinstall may be the best way to go.


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            I found when going back to the original elements welcome window then if the actions menu is clicked the welcome window comes up instead of the actions window. Not a big deal ,so changed back to the original actions tool install. But some people might want the option of still having the original elements welcome screen and be able to access actions.


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              If there is anything from the original welcome screen you want, it can be put right in the Hidden Power screen. If I remember correctly, everything you get on the original Welcome screen can be found on the File menu. As such, I don't see any real benefit to having those options there -- or, those options don't seem as valuable as the actions. Having multiple access to the same thing may seem convenient, but it could get cumbersome as there are multiple ways to play actions.

              I am not sure what you mean about the screens changing. The free tools are different than those that come with the book. You can install both at the same time, and there are benefits to that as the free tools add functionality. If you don't want to run actions from the Welcome screen and you have the book, you can run them from the How-To palette. If you are talking about another actions interface, I don't suggest using both, as there is no benefit.

              I'm not sure I have answed your question. Please let me know -- and feel free to re-word.


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                Sorry I wasn't clear. If I put back the original elements welcome html then going to Hidden powers then clicking 'other' then clicking under added tools 'actions' what comes up is not the actions menu but the elements welcome screen. I am using tools from the book.


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                  Oh, that is true. The installation for the actions interface assumes you don't really need the welcome menu. If you really want to uninstall the actions, you have to change the Welcome menu and the Other tab. It would have to be a custom installation to make the Actions work from the How-To and NOT the Welcome screen. To do that would require editing the HTML. I could make it available...wouldn't be difficult really. However, as the Actions were designed around the Welcome screen, they do work best there!

                  Let me know. Thanks for clarifying.