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  • Batch Processing!

    I've tried repeatedly to post on the Adobe forum in response to a user looking to do batch processing (April 16th). All you are getting is lies from the moderators, and the censurship is ridiculous -- unless they are set on only deleting my posts.

    Batch process IS possible for whatever function you want. Please make your requests here, and I'll help fill those requests.

    Someone please try and get the message to the poor guy on the forum...he doesn't need to spend $500 for batch as is being suggested.

    I look forward to requests.

    Richard Lynch

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    Looks like your latest attempt at information provision has remained in view, at least for a while, Richard (at least I can still see it reading on the Adobe web forum in the middle of the night US time). I'd actually thought that the degree of censorship had relaxed a bit over the last couple of weeks - I've seen the link to your website in several posts, although of course I don't know how many have actually been removed.

    Susan S.


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      Susan, thanks for the update. I see they finally let a message go. I tried to post that last message some 4-5 times, and kept getting more and more generic. It's frustrating to see people have trouble with something and the moderators turning off the answer.

      You may be seeing links to my site, but if you search for any posts by me, you'll come up with very few...I read daily and try to post every now and again, and they cut it. I don't like the idea that they are doling out willful misinformation -- that's the worst kind of censure. I try not to say anything as it just sounds paranoid.

      I owe you some stuff...I've not forgotten.