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simulating [ctrl][alt][~] PS shortcut in PSE

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  • simulating [ctrl][alt][~] PS shortcut in PSE

    First of all, if Richard is reading this, I bought your book about a week ago "The Hidden Power of PSE2" and just loving it. Since then, I'm almost exclusively using my PSE1 (i have the "try out" version of that's helped me learn all about actions, recording them, analyzing them, etc.). The thing I love most about the book though is the theory behind everything you delve into. That's greatly appreciated! Much better than a simple "cookbook" that shows stuff without giving background info.

    Anyways, back to my question. In PS6 there is a shortcut that selects highlights in an image...the shortcut is the following simultaneous keystrokes: [ctrl][alt][~]

    I notice this does not work in PSE. Is there a way to simulated it?


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    That would be a selection based on brightness. While there is no way to do this in Elements, there is a way to do it with Hidden Power tools. Slightly more involved...but note the result will be exactly the same. If you do it a few times, it won't take you long.

    1. Duplicate the layer you want to base the selection on. Call it Negative.
    2. invert (Cmd/CTRL+I)
    3. Click the Transparent Grayscale tool. This will clear the layer based on what was previously the lightness -- which is now Negative, and will create a new layer. Name the layer Highlights. You can invert to have the highlights isolated and in the original color.
    4. Press Cmd/CTRL and click the Highlights layer to load the layer as a selection.
    5. Delete the Highlights layer
    6. Delete the Negative layer.

    This will leave you with EXACTLY the same result as pressing that key combination. I can automate that if you'd like...


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      PS -- HOLD ON TO THE PS6 DEMO COPY FOR RECORDING ACTIONS!!! You can play them in Elements for the most part, and I'd be glad to have someone else creating useful actions for Elements users.


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        re ctrl-alt-~ shortcut

        Thanks for the quick follow up Richard!!! I definitely will keep the PS6 demo for action recording. As a matter of fact, once I post this, I'm going to create an action based on your instructions for creating the highlights selection.

        I knew it could be done with Hidden Powers Tools...was just hoping there was something hidden in Elements that I hadn't found yet that would be a "kinder simpler" solution...but it will be once I get the action to work :-)


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          You can actually create this action using the PS shortcut. I just recorded it and played back in Elements with no problem. If you need any help, let me know. I might add to a list of custom commands.


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            Thanks...I finally got it to work by creating the action via PS6 just using the ctrl-alt-~ keystroke. The first time I tried that, when I read about that kesystroke sequence, it didn't work...drove me nuts. Here's the info from the original action that wouldn't work:

            Set: loadhighlights

            Set: loadhighlights
            Set Selection
            To: transparency channel
            Layer Via Copy

            and here's the one that works now:

            Set: selecthilites

            Set: selecthilites
            Set Selection
            To: RGB channel
            Layer Via Copy

            Looks like the problem was in the 4th line...the "To: transparency channel" was causing the problem??? I would get a message "The command "Set" is not currently available".


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              Is the demo of PS6 still available anywhere?


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                ps6 demo

                Not that I know of. I had originally gotten it off a cd from a special edition of "Computer Arts" magazine.

                You may want to check the Adobe site. They may have a "try out" version of PS7.


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                  The PS7 demo is time disabled...that is, I think it only goes 30 days. The PS6 demo goes indefinitely, and though you can't save files, you CAN save actions.

                  I would imagine this PS6 demo is no longer distributed, but may be available from some CDs, freeware collections or other such things. Worth looking into if you just want to record a few actions.


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                    Thanks, I'll look around.


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                      ps6 demo

                      Glad I kept my PS6 demo copy!!! I'd thought about downloading the version 7 tryout....glad I didn't :-)

                      Actually, you can save an image via the PS6 demo (in a round about way). If you use the web preview via the Internet Explorer web browser preview button, you can right-click on the image in IE and save in png format. I'm amazed they didn't disable the web preview also.

                      Regarding the action that I started this thread on, I was able to finally get it to work. I set it up so that it saves the highlights in a layer, and also the "shadows" ( I just inverted a copy of the background and used that then to get the "shadow" regions). I didn't put any comments in's just a simple straight-away action. One thing I did have problems with was when I tried to rename a layer that a selection came from (by clicking on the layer), instead of allowing me to rename it, it pulled up the Layer Style dialog window (any way around that?). So, I just copied the layer then, renamed it to Highlights (and in the inverted case "Shadows") and deleted the original layer I copied. Runs fast so really don't notice it.

                      Richard, would you like me to get a copy of the action to you for future Hidden Tools releases? Let me know if you do, and how to go about getting it to you (I don't have a website where I can set up an ftp style download link).

                      Thanks for all your help on this!!!


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                        posting an action

                        Regarding the action in this thread, should I post it for others to download? I figure others may be able to add to/improve it...and/or find it useful in postprocessing work.



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                          shoot with minolta (0ff topic)

                          Yes.... I use a Minolta DiMage 7 with the version 2.01 firmware upgrade.


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                            Responded via forum IM

                            I sent you responses via the Forum's IM...that way we don't keep going off topic here.


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