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    Hi Richard,

    unfortunately I can't use all of your power tools because I use the german version of Elements and your power tools don't work very well with it. As far as I can see it your tools often rely on the English naming. I.e. the tool makes a copy of the initial layer which results in a layer called "background copy", all the other steps rely on this layer name; but the german version creates a layer called "Hintergrundkopie". Another example is copying a layer which results in a layer for example called "red copy" but the german version creates "Kopie red". A simple way to make your tools work with every localized version of elements would be - as far as I see it - to rename every layer instead of relying on the automatic naming of elements.

    The following tools have problems with the german version of Elements:

    * Split RGB channels
    * Preview RGB
    * Split RGB/w preview
    * Split RGBL
    * CMY separation

    I hope my English is not confusing you. I would really appreciate your opinion about my suggestion.

    Greetings from Germany

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    yes, I'm also interested in a localized (German) version of the Power Tools and I would also like to help localizing it.



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      One of my many projects will be to create a version that works internationally. The problem is not how I put it together but the Adobe product itself, which should not use the naming conventions as layer references -- a transaction number would have been a better choice as that could be referenced and then the descriptor could be in any language.

      I'll be sure to have that worked out if they have me on the beta team again next time.