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  • HPA 2 and HP Tools

    After installing HPA2, the HPA 2 tools show up on the welcome screen, as intended.

    The original tools (from the book CD) show up in the "How To" palette.

    However, if I click the "Other" tab and then click "Actions", I'm into the HPA2 tools with no way out except the "back" arrow. So, if I want to use the original tools after an HPA2 tool (say, "Quick Mask"), I seem to be out of luck (or I hit the back arrow a lot).

    Am I missing something?

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    On my set up, if I'm in the actions in the How-to section(which is where I usually use them as they can stay undocked and I don't have to keep digging the Welcome window open) I can get back to the Hidden power original stuff from the actions by clicking on the blue and white "Hidden Power" logo at the top of the palette.

    Susan S.