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  • Missing PE2 Menu Item

    Does the installation of Hidden Power Tools change the standard menu commands in PE2? I was trying to check to make sure I had turned off any color management in PE2 and I cannot find the Edit>Color Settings command any more. Or has my copy of PE2 been corrupted? Thanks.

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    you aren't on OSX on a mac by any chance are you? 'cos there it isn't under the Edit menu but under the Photoshop Elements pull-down menu. (It confused me no end at first!)
    Susan S.


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      Thanks Susan!! You're absolutely right, there it was. I thought I had looked there, but obviously I hadn't. Yes, I'm using OS X on a Mac G4. Thanks again!


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        Um, just to keep the record straight:

        Hidden Power does not alter the Elements interface in any way beyond adding a link in the How-To palette for accessing the Hidden Power tools. The tools do nothing to alter the base package of Elements -- which would require cracking code. That would be illegal.

        Everything that Hidden Power does is simply access functionality that Adobe has made available and which they have tested to their satisfaction before release. This may include creating complex events in a series, but nothing that would affect Elements functionality.

        Hope that helps.