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  • Can't find the tools!

    I bought the book and the CD, but can not get the tools to properly install. I am using windows 98 and Elements 1. I follow all the steps. Have tried putting it in main Elements folder, then tried recipies folder, then tried plug-in folder. Nothing! The screen tells me it's installed but if it is I can't find it! After restarting Elements I checked everyplace thinking it might have installed in the wrong place...but no, there is no access to it. What am I doing wrong???? I've tried each of these steps multiple times...even tried restarting the computer. Please help!

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    I had difficulty with the installation last year. Be sure that you follow the instruction given in the beginning of the book and that you have the right installer. On one of the screens there is an icon with 3 dots. Clicking on this will install to the correct folder. Once it is installed, you should be able to go to Elements #1, go to RECIPES>Select a recipe and in the drop-down box select hidden power.


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      Further to my last post, you may want to look at the following link:
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        Thanks, Ken...that is probably a good thing for EVERYONE reading the book to have a look at. The installation instructions help as well:

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        I try to provide as much information about the installation as I can -- part of the problem with the instructions being that it was impossible to include them in the book as the book was completed before the CD...The file referenced here includes troubleshooting in addition to the link Ken suggested.

        If you still have trouble come back here, or email me directly ([email protected] is best on weekends).

        Several quick things:

        1. don't try to out-think the installer. If you install to the right directory, everything will end up where it is supposed to be.

        2. SELECT THE RIGHT DIRECTORY. Some people have multiple installations, try to accept the defaults that might not apply, or try to do a #1.

        3. Be sure you are executing the installer and not just dragging it into Elements. The installer makes Hidden power part of elements -- it is not a separate application.

        4. Use the BROWSE button to select the install folder, don't type the path in manually. This is the most frequent installation problem on PC.

        5. Don't try installing to the desktop and dragging the files to the directory you think they should be installed in...installation is a little more complicated than that, and the installer will handle it properly.

        No matter what the problem, I'll certainly help you get it installed. It is usually something simple. If you search for the file hiddenpower.html, and can tell me where it is (full path, like C:\Program Files\etc.), I can probably tell you the problem.



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          Thank you for your help. But, still can't get it to work! It's installed by not accessabile. (Doesn't show up in receipes). Am using the correct version, not installing to desk top, using the browse feature to get to the program directory...but no luck. Have E-mailed Richard privately.


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            Please locate the hiddenpower.html file and tell me where it is located.


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