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Can't Browse after HPA2 install!!!

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  • Can't Browse after HPA2 install!!!

    I recently installled HPA2 and since then have not been able to use the 'File->Browse' in Elements to browse and open photos. I've tried clicking on the 'Browse' icon and using the 'Shift-Ctrl-O' shortcut but none of them work. Is Elements corrupted or is this a normal bug with HPA2? I'm using a PC. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I haven't heard of this problem. It certainly wasn't a problem for me on the Mac. It's possible your preference files have become corrupted - a useful trick whenever Elements starts playing up is to try resetting preferences - hold down alt-control and shift immediately after launching Elements, and click yes when asked.
    susan S.


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      Thank you, that did the trick. I don't know what I did to screw it up but if it happens again I'll know how to fix it. Thanks again.


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        Glad I could help - I doubt that you actually did anything to mess it up - preference files in Elements and photoshop just seem prone to becoming corrupted and this causes weird and wonderful problems.

        Susan S.


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          There is nothing in Hidden Power that would affect/effect the browser of mechanisms in the program. This is either a coincidence, or symptomatic of other problems you may be experiencing.

          Susan's advice, as always, is pretty solid.