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Batch Actions for Elements Users!

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  • Batch Actions for Elements Users!

    Chuck Beams Batch Actions for Elements is a batch action set that can be used to replace the simple file-type converters with a more useful batch-conversion set -- temporarily or permanently. The batch set is named for Chuck, who suggested several of the actions included there.

    The names of the batch actions are the description (as in the list below), followed by the format the images will save in (JPEG High, JPEG Maximum and TIFF). Installing is as easy as copying the download file into Elements, but PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS that come with the file. These replace the current batch actions, but you can easily switch between the sets. All of the following are included for mac and pc versions of Chuck's Batch Actions:

    Chuck's Auto LevelJPGm
    Chuck's Auto LevelJPGh
    Chuck's Auto LevelTIFF
    Chuck's AutoLevel-Contrast JPGm
    Chuck's AutoLevel-Contrast JPGh
    Chuck's AutoLevel-Contrast TIFF
    Sharpen .5 Radius 50% TIFF
    Sharpen 1 Radius 50% TIFF
    Sharpen 1.5 Radius 50% TIFF
    Sharpen 2 Radius 50% TIFF
    Channel Mixer TIFF
    Sharpen .5 Radius 50% JPGm
    Sharpen 1 Radius 50% JPGm
    Sharpen 1.5 Radius 50% JPGm
    Sharpen 2 Radius 50% JPGm
    Channel Mixer JPGm

    AutoLevel -- applies auto level to every image in a folder

    AutoLevel-Contrast -- applies autolevel and auto-contrast to every file in a folder

    Sharpen -- applies sharpening with the set radius and % as described to every image in a folder.

    Channel Mixer -- lets you apply channel mixing to every image in a folder by opening the Channel Mixer dialogue.

    SPECIAL THANKS!! To Chuck Beam for his suggestions, and Chuck and Susan Stewart for testing and feedback!



    Other actions can be added to batch, just contact me with your suggestions! [email protected]

    Visit for more free tools and actions for Elements.

    Hope this helps.

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    Nice batch functions.
    But it is a hassle to go back and switch file names if one wants to do batch file conversions.
    Is there a way to put both of these together in one file?



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      I am constantly trying to avoid potential copyright problems by duplicating or distributing materials that Adobe owns in any way. Of course there are ways around that -- by adding the actions in myself. However, then there is the issue that the list of choices gets very long...and some people will complain about that because they never need the batch conversions. I can please some of the people every now and again.

      SO, while it is possible, the files will remain as they are for now. If there is any way to come to a concensus about change, I'd be happy to do it -- but fear that if I make this change without knowing a lot of people want it, it won't get me anywhere.

      I am always looking for suggestions (and don't get enough of them), so thanks for this...any other opinions?


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