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    Hi Richard,

    I am looking forward to your Action III update. I see you're running a little late. No rush, I'm content to wait until you're satisfied they're ready.

    Any estimate of when you think they'll be done? Can you give us a teaser as to what will be included?


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    Bob, (etc.)

    I was delayed in release because I was asked by a company doing a larger distribution to hold off till they could get out their announcement. This is good news, because the more people that use the tools, the more reason I have to develop them!

    But here's a listing from the release notes as they stand (quickly marked the additions with an asterisk):

    This free package:

    •Will give you the ability to run Photoshop actions in Elements.
    •It will work with Elements 1 and Elements 2.
    •It will work fluidly and in conjunction with other Hidden Power tools.
    •Adds new tools not included with the book, The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2, and make these tools accessible to people with and without the book.
    •Allows easy installation of 500 actions* (87 pre-installed by default).
    •Allows management of an infinite number of action sets and action groups* (and an infinite number of actions) on-the-fly without restarting Elements.
    •Has options for applying actions from text description or preview modes.
    •Allows user customization of loaded actions and actions in packages.
    •Provides a developer-friendly template for creating and distributing compatible action packages.

    This free package contains additional tools, including:

    •Layer Mask insert
    •Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer
    •Selective Color Adjustment Layer
    •Fade effect*
    •Shadow Mask*
    •Highlight Mask*
    •Trim image*
    •Reveal Image*
    •Custom Layer Effects (drop shadow, bevel, glows, stroke)*
    •Action playback speed controls
    •Quick Mask mode
    •Demos of several Hidden Power tools

    I expect to release these on the 15th. I might be glad for one or two more beta testers (Susan Stewart is doing a great job!). There are still a lot of actions to convert, and lots of things to do for the future.


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      Thanks Richard! Glad to know what I'm doing is useful. I'm finding I'm using the new highlight/shadow mask a lot - they aren't as precise as creating a blend mask for the particular image using the Hidden Power tools, but if I just want to do a quick-and-dirty change on the contrast in snapshots it's much quicker. The fade tool is good too. The benefits of of beta testing.....!
      Susan S.


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        Useful is slightly understated.

        On the other hand, I am easily just as glad -- if not more so -- that you are getting use from the additions and feel they help. It is exactly what they are supposed to do!


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          I saw your "pre-release" notice in the Adobe Photoshop Elements forum and visited the PowerXChange site.

          I don't know how many Elements user's frequent that group of merchants, they don't appear to directly target them, but I do hope it increases your exposure to Elements users.

          I, for one, will wait until your regular release to obtain my copy of Actions III. PowerXchange asks for too much personal information and it appears to me to be clearly merchandising oriented -- I do not wish to be included in their database. But, that is my personal opinion. I, in no way, want to discourage anyone else from registering should they so desire.

          The feature set looks like it will be very useful to me. I am eager to try them out. But, I can wait a few more days.



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            You've got this now, don't you Bob? The release is available from the website:

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              Thank you for following up. Yes, I do have them now. I kept an eye on the Hidden Elements site and downloaded them when they became available.

              Thank you very much!