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HP tools 3 not available from Recipes in PSE1

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  • HP tools 3 not available from Recipes in PSE1

    After installing HP tools 3, cannot now locate the original power tools (from book) or access the tools from recipes.

    Without uninstalling, and re-installing PSE1, HPtools, HP3 etc, is there a quick way ?

    There was a lot of renaming etc of index.htm files in the original installs, in various places.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas (epecially if they save time)


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    There should not be anything that effects the previous installation in the new one. The installations go to separate areas, and I have installed numerous times on both platforms without having this occur.

    The problem may be that you renamed the wrong index.html file when installing the HPAIII package. The instructions suggest renaming a file so you can revert to the Adobe installation of the Welcome menu. You should be renaming the index.html file in the Welcome directory, NOT the one in the Recipes. If you rename the one in Recipes, that would do exactly what you describe.

    Let me know. Hope that helps.



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      Thanks for the quick response. Without looking, you most probably correct. I am used to having access to the HPtools from the recipes pallette, which is normally on show in my workspace.

      I can access the new stuff from the welcome screen, but not the originals, eg curves

      I will go through the re-install of everything in the correct order and change my way of working, no problems.

      thanks again


      By the way, nice to see your 'mugshot' on your articles in 'Digital Photography Techniques'


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        My wife called that shot "frightening" as she felt it did not capture my personality and made me look a little, well, deranged. I laughed and laughed. I have another i hope to be substituting which is a slight variation -- perhaps subtly suggestive of exposure issues and picasso -- which for some inexplicable reason my mother (known to be a realist) liked. The side of the face closer to the light was over-exposed so badly that the face is missing and the wire glasses frame hangs above an absent eye.

        I find it hard to take author photos very seriously...the first time I was asked for one I did an interpretive line-art sketch. The magazine promptly dropped my series and returned the materials.


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          To be honest, it did look like one of the bad guys from one of the old Marvel comic. Cannot remember if it was the Hulk, Spiderman or Fantastic Four, but it was a long time ago. LOL



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