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  • Use of Magic Wand p154

    In the instructions on p154.
    step 6. "the wand can be set to 0 tolerance, contiguous, and Use all layers.

    When I use 0 tolerance, the Magic Wand only selects a tiny tiny area. If it set to 10 tolerance, then I get a nice outline. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a problem with my Magic Wand? Is this a typo in the book?


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    Your magic wand is working perfectly! Of course with 0 tolerance you will get very tiny patches selected because it'll only match exact colours. However, since you've drawn the outline in a contrasting colour (orange) you can use a far higher tolerance (I can't remember what I used, but it took a bit of experimentation -- start with 128, then keep removing half if it selects to much, and adding half if it doesn't select enough)


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      Now this is making me upset. I looked back at my original copy and sure enough step 6 says: "When the outline is complete, shut off the view for the background , choose the magic wand..."

      Shutting off the background will make most situations work, in fact the only situation that doesn't work is having the background on with 0 tolerance and use all layers checked. Any number of things would work here when NOT checking Use all Layers.

      Expanding the selection by 1/2 the diameter of the brush, on the other hand, is exactly right. If you followed step 3, the hardness of the brush will make the expanded selection fall about dead-center in the outline you make.


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        First I would like to thank Rickard for a fantastic work. Second I have to ask about a page which has given me some thinking from the very first reading. It concerns page 154, step 6.
        It says in the errata "..contiguous and use all layers should be unchecked." I believe only "use all layers" should be unchecked.

        But my big headache is about step 7. It says "half the diameter of the brush"?? According to step 5 the outline of the orchid should be traced, with a hard brush, 95%. This I believe is the most exact way. But if I apply half the diameter for the extension the selection will be abour 9 pixels outside the orchid, or?

        Thomas D

        PS I grow about 150 orchids. DS