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Load/Save HueSat Layer... .ahu

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  • Load/Save HueSat Layer... .ahu

    I found a specific Hue/Saturation Layer to use with my Camera. It's a .ahu file. To use this file created in Photoshop 7, I need the ability to "load" this preset, with a Hue/Saturation Layer.

    The tools from the HP CD, and the knowledge I am gaining, will soon provide me with the ability to just create this preset myself, but I don't know what it looks like, to be able to understand what was done in the one I found.

    Is it possible to open/use this .ahu file in Elements 2? I am guessing that I could save the layer in its own file later on, to use with Elements 2. Am I on the right track?

    Should I just find someone nice enough to save me an action to install with HP actions?

    Here is the location for the .ahu files

    Thank You!

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    As you've found, Elements doesn't support loading a lot of these preset files
    However, you are right about being able to copy the layer once you have it. Your best bet is to find someone with PS7 who can create the layers for you, or perhaps try and persuade Sigma to do it and provide it on their website.

    Unless of course Richard has found the magic key to unlock preset loading in Elements...



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      Thanks Paul!

      Very helpful as always