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Installing Photoshop Action??

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  • Installing Photoshop Action??

    I must not get it...

    I read the Advanced read me
    I read the read me
    I read the readmedo.

    As far as I can gather, to install a PS action, you must access the index.html, inside the action template folder. Then add a string...

    My problem I think, is my text editor, I think, doesn't really show anything that can be edited, as described in the advanced readme. I just used the basic text editor with OS X 10.2. As suggested in the advanced readme.

    I tried BBedit lite (text editor) and got the index.html to show up in HTML, but still don't get what needs to be edited there. I didn't see anykind of "prompts", as suggested should be there in the advanced read me.

    I tried filling in the .atn file name and the action: in the readme, in the same folder as the index.html. This didn't seem to do anything.

    This is so hard to get the hang of!!!

    Thanks for any help!

    (I have come to expect that instruction wording doesn't always match outcome, so I have lost much of my resolve to figure things out as instructed in the book or readme. Please forgive me if this is a real simple thing that everyone and their bowl of cereal can do )
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    I've hopefully never given the impression that it was simple. For those who like to fiddle, it is interesting. For those who know some HTML, it is a breeze. For the rest, I have repeatedly offered to customize installations with worthy actions and make them available to everyone.

    I think the prompts may have been inadvertently removed in the recent version update. Please send an email to [email protected], and I'll get you a copy of a newer html file.