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  • Installation Password

    Help. I bought the Photoshop Elements 2 Book with the disk. When I try to install it, I get prompted for a password. The book gives me no clue what to do and doesn't list a pw on the CD sleeve. Where do I go?

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    Password-Now What Next Please?

    Ok I searched the readme files and found where to get the password. I am set there. Now when I run the CD and put the password in, I get nothing. It seems like it runs, but the CD doesn't rotate, and the window just 'goes away' with nothing installed. What am I doing wrong here?


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      There is an installation instruction file that I wrote up after the book was released (the CD gets made after the book, so there is no chance to change the book content). Find that here:

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      What you are probably doing is failing to browse for a place to install the files. As there is no default, the installer will have no idea where to put the files.

      Hope that helps.



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        Cant install CD on Mac G4

        I have tried to download the link you posted on this thread with instructions on installing the cd and my powermac G4 doesn't know how to open it. it has an rtf extention. When i click on it nothing happens.
        Please help. I am very anxious to use your program.


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          Being a PC user , I am not too sure to give the right answer but I think any word processor is able to open a rtf file. Clicking on it works only if the file association has been set. So open your word processor and try again.


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            On your G4,

            1. Open Text Edit
            2. Choose Open from the File menu.
            3. Locate the install.rtf

            For some reason my G4 knows...I don't believe I set up a file association.

            OK? (and thanks Claude)


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