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  • More install problem

    For us who dont use the english ver of PE2.How do i succes the installation of hidden power tools?Now i have the swedish folder,"HtmlPaletter" and the english ver,"HtmlPalettes"And the "Hidden Power tools" dont show up in the "How To"
    Using Windows XP

    Edit: I´ll fix the problem by my self.
    Last edited by Anders Andersso; 10-05-2003, 10:38 PM.

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    If you have a solution you'd like to share that would help. for the most part (as you have probably discovered) you can fix the problem by changing file names from the English folders to the appropriate ones for your language version.



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      Just to change name from eng to swe don´t help.I rearange the files a lots of time until it all works probably.


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        I've requested information before...If you are on a PC, listing the directory contents of elements will help me make a language appropriate installer.


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          This is how i have done.First,identify your original "HTMLpalettes"folder the one in your own language.From the hidden power version of "HTMLpalettes/Recipes",copy all files and the folder "Images" and paste it in the original "HTMLpalettes/Recipes".Click "overwrite" when asked.

          From the hidden power installed folder "Preset" copy all files in the folder "Photoshop action" and paste it into PE 2 orignal "Preset/photoshop action" folder.

          Maybe you need to edit my text,english is not my first language.And obviously not swedish either.I spell my username wrong.It should be Anders Andersson