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    Hello all of you,
    I'd like to print a B&W photo with a red text on it, and doing that from PSE on RGB produces a B&W with blue in it.

    Will the CMYK process command from HiddenPowerTools help on that ?

    I would appreciate a step by step explanation.. Thanks


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    I'm not sure what you mean by step-by-step. There are over 150 steps to make CMYK in Elements (if you don't have the tools). What it really sound like you need to me is to do a spot color job, printing with black and then color ink -- in two passes. This would require making not CMYK but a duotone in elements.

    This gets a little tricky, and may be a good example for the next version of the book. But essentially what you'll do is this:

    1. convert your image to B&W if it isn't already.
    2. Add a type layer with your type in the color you want it.
    3. Add a layer between the type and B&W.
    4. Command/CTRL click the type layer in the layers palette to load it as a selection.
    fill the layer (created in step 3) with white.
    5. Merge the layer with the B&W.

    Now you follow the instructions for printing a duotone. In the first pass, print the B&W layer, and use any option your printer has for using black ink only. in the next pass, print the color.

    If you have any trouble with the registration on your printer, you may have to adjust the type by doing what they call trapping. you essentially expand the size of the type slightly so the ink runs over the white type you created. when you print th second pass the color should overlap the black by just enough so that small registration differences will be covered.

    That help?


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      Thanks for your quick answer.
      Yes that helps, could you just gimme some more explanations about the (command/click), is that turning the text into a mask and therefore should I remove it afterwards to print the B&W with that mask and then print the colored text into it?

      I have your book and the hiddenpowertools, so let me know if one of them might help.

      thankx, marcos


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        you are loading the type as a selection to white-out/knockout the type on the black layer so it wont be in the way when you overprint the type. The step-by-step is pretty much right-on if you can follow it.



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          Alright I get the point!Thanks again.


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