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What next, finally got to Welcome window?

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  • What next, finally got to Welcome window?

    Need help, went thru the stuffing unstuffing issues with no luck, so had my PSE instructor send me a workable/installable file. Then we were able to get
    HPA3.sea installed on my Mac.

    Now have the new Wecome window, but when I click on anything, nothing
    happens. How do you make it work? I am trying to use Frames with a lesson.

    I am a beginner, using PSE 2, wonderful program!
    But we have met a roadblock here,,,,,,,

    Rather frustrating for a newbie, as these Power Tools look really nice.
    If you could let us know what we should do next, we will go forth.

    Thank you, JCarter

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    Sounds like you are on a PC and need to restart.

    Try that.

    If not, We'll have to look into other issues.



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      Good morning, Richard,
      I am on a Mac G4 with OS 9.2.2. Restarted many times, actually this has been going on for a couple of days.

      Here are 6 screen shots of my 'troubles', maybe you can identify where my
      problem is from them.

      I could have things in the wrong folders?

      Some of my classmates are also having troubles, so this should be very helpful to them too.

      You can see the picture sitting under the Welcome screen, waiting for the 'Frames', I click on 'Frames' or others, and nothing happens at all.

      I am very impressed with these tools, and sure hope we can find my problem and get me started using them. I am somewhat of a beginner, and just love working on my photos with PSE 2.

      Thank you again, Jane


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        So, you are installing the free tools on Mac OS 9. That is where I created them so this shouldn't be a problem.

        What might be a problem is the following:

        *virus protection
        *incorrect targeting
        *installing while files are in use

        From what you are showing in the pbase image, it would seem you have only the free tools installed, and not the tools from the book. That is OK, but you may be looking in the wrong place. If you are looking for the tools from the book, you have installed the wrong version for OS9. The file you see here is a linking file installed with the free tools to replace the Other tab on the book tools. It won't do a thing (without the book tools). You need to look on the Welcome menu. Choose it from the Windows menu on the menu bar. If you see the Hidden Power menu, you have installed the tools (so long as you haven't installed while running Elements).

        Try this;
        1. Close Elements (it should not be running even in the background during install).
        2. Disable virus protection.
        3. install.

        If this doesn't work, show me a file listing for the Welcome directory (HTMLPalettes/Welcome) and the Photoshop Actions directory (Presets/Photoshop Actions). These hold the files you need.

        the curious thing to me, and perhaps the root of the problem is that you are running OS 9.2.2 on a G4. Are you also running OSX? I believe you have to be to install 9.2.1. I would then assume you are installing for Elements 1 and running in classic, not Elements 2...I have never tried this out, as Elements 2 was available by the time I upgraded to OSX. However the folder you have installed to shows Adobe Photoshop Elements I am a little confused. If you are running Elements 2 and have OS X, would there be a reason you are running it on 9.2.2?

        I also note from the screen that you are fond of customizations...While I can't be sure that this would be a problem, it does pose potential. Don't try to out-think the installer and move files around. Be sure when you install that you are targeting the right program folder (read all the screens, including the list you get during installation if one appears). Many people are used to flying through installations (myself included) by accepting defaults. I found out during testing that defaults didn't work out in every case, but I gave it a best shot.

        Let me know.


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          Good Morning, Richard,
          Thank you for your reply, I think we are narrowing down my mistakes.
          First, I use only OS 9.2.2 and have never installed OS X. And have never used my virus protection, I took it out.
          And always have had all programs, including the browsers, off when I install anything.
          I took out Elements 1 when I bought Elements 2.
          So my problem lies in where the install 'landed'. I first installed to the wrong folder, 'Adobe Photoshop preferences', and re-installed them to the 'Acobe Photoshop Elements 2'
          That was my first error. Perhaps I should have taken them 'out' before re-installing them?
          Second, The book arrived yesterday, and I assumed that I shouldn't install anything from the CD until I know what I am doing.

          Next, I got the new Welcome screen, but when I clicked on anything, nothing happened. I went back and re-read the read-me files, and started to move things around.
          Then after I did that, remember, I dont know really what I am doing inside there; but everything on the left side of the Welcome screen worked!
          Everything on the top part still did nothing. It was the Frames that I wanted to start with, as it was part of my lessons.

          So you can see that I don't know what I am doing when I get inside the PSE 2 innards, and therein is where my problem lies.

          I think that your advice to take everything out and start over would be the best, but I don't know what I should take out! Could I possible ruin the whole PSE 2? So, first I should probably carefully go back thru your instructions, and see if I can get a few more things placed properly, especially Frames.
          I will see if I have the Welcome screen directory set up correctly, will take before and after screen shots.

          Thank you! I will work on this throughout the day, and take notes and screen shots.
          Jane(the Pain)


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            The purpose of an installer is to take care of the installation for you. There is no need to move files...especially if you don't know what you are doing with them. The installer, pointed to the right place (with Elements shut down) will install all the files you need to the right places WITHOUT moving a thing.

            Trust me, it works...and on Mac too -- as that is where I built it all in the first place.

            Don't try to out-think it. Read the screens and install.


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              Hi Richard, Actually, I left everything where the installer had put them for the first couple of days. That was when nothing on the welcome screen worked, it was after I moved things, that I got everything on the left side of the Welcome screen to work.
              In the first screenshot, that was the place that the installer had put things, it was the last screenshot that showed what I had changed.

              So, I guess I better re-install the whole thing.
              I was not able to use the installer from the web site, so my instructor sent me one that would work on my Mac, so now I have the proper HPA3.sea.

              I haven't had to re-install a program for a long time, so I really am not sure if I need to take out anything from the PSE 2 files.
              Do I need to remove anything, or will they just be overwritten, and positioned in the proper places?

              I won't do anything until I hear from you.

              Thanks again, Jane


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