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Layer Sets in Elements?

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  • Layer Sets in Elements?

    Can we create Layer Sets in Elements? We can open Photoshop 6/7 files with Layer Sets, but is there any way to tap this *hidden element* is PSE? I have version 2 and have all Hidden Elements files (website and book) installed.


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    I don't know if it is possible, and would have to look into it a little. Or I should say, I bet I can do it but it may be a case where the solution is more difficult than it should be, making it too cumbersome to use.

    I've got it on my list. Meanwhile, would you be interested in creating Sets or just splitting them out from files that contain them?



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      I'm more interested in creating sets.

      When I am working on an image with a gazillion layers, I need help organizing the specific parts of the image I want to work on. For instance...if I am creating a snow globe, I want to make one set of all the globe layers and then make one of the wooden base layers.

      Maybe I don't have the right idea about layer sets, but I imagine being able to collapse a set to get it temporarily out of the way while I am working on another one. Or...being able to take one layer set from one image and use it in another. Am I dreaming?



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